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During the year, Devotion Yoga offers various workshops, lectures, retreats, teacher training, and special events which are designed to help you live a more full, present and healthy life. 

  • Monthly workshops 
    range from nutrition lectures, yoga and wellness workshops, and our new Mindful Parenting programs
  • Retreats 
    include domestic and international retreats run by One Hundred Skies Yoga Adventures, our retreat business partner. Offering 3, 5 and 7 day retreats focused on culture, yoga and kinship!
  • Special Events  
    help to connect us with our local community and utilize our sacred space for charitable and other related events.
  • Immersion/Teacher Training   
    has been introducing amazing teachers to the yoga teaching community for years! 

    • Annual Yoga Immersion
      taught by Senior Devotion Yoga instructors and guest teachers, this is an exciting new program for you to expand your knowledge of the philosophy and history of yoga, deepen your physical practice, and learn how to start living the yoga of life

    • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - 
    • We are so excited to launch our NEW 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training! 
    • Devotion Yoga's unique and extensive 200-Hour Teacher Training Program is an exploration of both the philosophy of yoga and its practical application as both a student and teacher in the modern world.







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