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Sangha is the Sanskrit word for "community of fellow seekers". Sangha generates collective energy that supports one's practice or quest. Devotion Yoga was founded with the intention of creating a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in experiencing the remarkable gifts that yoga offers.

Our Devotion community is stronger than ever! We have an amazing group of teachers and front desk staff, an inspired group of teacher trainees, and over 600 clients per week who come to share their yoga practice and lives with each other.

We offer many ways for you to get more involved in our community, from workshops and classes, to our Book Club and movie nights, special events, retreats, being part of our Street Team , and participating in the 21 Club !

Over the past several years at Devotion many friendships have been formed, moments of peace and relaxation gained, teachers trained, egos forgotten, and hearts opened. 

Welcome to our community!

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