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Below are our upcoming workshops! You can now register online and read full descriptions.
Space is limited so reserve early! 

Free Yoga 101 

with Melissa & Morgan
Saturday, March 14th
12:45 - 2:00pm
This Free Intro to Yoga Workshop is recommended for students who have never experienced a yoga class or are brand new Devotion Yoga studio.

This 75 minute class will include fundamental points of the physical practice, benefits of Yoga, and a Q&A section.

Understanding the basic principles provides the beginner with a solid foundation for a safe and intelligent Yoga practice. After a short discussion about yoga and a basic yoga routine we will spend time answering your questions and determining the right classes for you to start with. 

Yoga Dance

with Sarah Anfora 
Saturday, March 21st
2:00 - 3:30pm
$22 per person
Come stretch, move, breathe, and grow!  This class is a cardio-dance workout that lets you use your own body's natural movements.  Combining great music with freestyle and structured movement, you will leave feeling invigorated and more connected to yourself.  
Come dance your asana off!
Free for members! $22 for a drop-in or use your class package.

Astrology for Beginners

with Rebecca Claes Roach
Friday, April 3rd
7:00 - 9:00pm
$40 per person
Have you always wondered how Astrology actually works? In this class, learn how to really understand your Natal Chart and begin to understand charts for others. Get real tools for the 'curious beginner'! Answer questions like, "What is a rising sign and how does it affect my sun and moon?" "What are the 12 Houses and how do the planets influence them?" "How are the planets and astrology affecting my life right now?"

About Rebecca
Understanding my natal chart has been transformative and wonderful experience in my life. I have been a student of astrology for many years and find it offers a positive framework for understanding psychology, life lessons and what we are meant to accomplish on this planet.
My husband and I used astrology to choose our wedding day, a picture perfect Tuesday in Central Park, and chart our course for a happy life. Even with 135 guests, we didn’t have a rain plan and ended up with one of the best weather days of the year.

Over the last few years, I continue to have more opportunities to share astrology through teaching classes, events, personal readings and parties. It is an absolute joy to share something so fun and personal and am grateful for the wonderful students and friends along the way. I am grateful to my astrology teacher, Rebecca Gordon, and am particularly influenced by Liz Greene’s astrology research and books.

Yogography: A Yoga Photo Shoot

with Lauren Penza
Saturday, April 4th
2:00 - 6:00pm
$50 per person

This workshop will include...

*Mini Photo Shoot 
*Hands on alignment and positioning assistance 
*3 professional images of you in your favorite poses

Lauren is a professional photographer and yogi who enjoys capturing the beauty of life in all forms. Whether photographing children at play or chasing light through a field of flowers, she finds harmony through the lens and expresses the delicate beauty that exists in these moments.

This workshop will allow students and teachers to express their love of yoga by choosing their most loved yoga poses and being photographed as they find stillness and balance in the postures. Teachers will be available during each mini photo shoot for hands on assistance with alignment. Edited images will be sent via email. Professional quality prints can be ordered for an additional cost.

Perfect For Anyone who would love to have an outward expression of the inner peace and meditative calm that yoga brings to life.

Spring Detox Flow 

with Erica Arce
Saturday, April 11th
2:00 - 4:00pm
$40 per person
Register Here!
The body is a wonderfully efficient and self regulating organism, and yet it relies on your good decision making to keep it running smoothly. Just as your car needs it’s daily maintenance and an oil change every 2000-3000 miles, the body needs regular maintenance and the occasional detoxification and cleanse. Each new season of the year offers a time to do just that. Your health is greatly determined not just by genetics, but affected by how much sleep you allow yourself, your daily environment, how much exercise you get, what you eat and drink and so much more. 

This specially designed yoga workshop will address increased health and wellness through a class that works specifically to improve your digestion, increase your metabolism, irrigate your kidneys, strengthen the immune system and more! Yoga itself is naturally detoxifying, however, there are postures and breathing techinques that are by nature more detoxifying than others for your circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. This is what you’ll work with. In addition, you'll enjoy a complimentary freshly made detox juice post class.

MamaMoon Retreat

with Laurie Goldstein
Sunday, April 12th
3:00 - 5:00pm
$40 per person
Are you about to be somebody's mama? Unplug yourself for the afternoon and indulge in a deeply nourishing retreat for body, mind and heart without leaving town. Before this beautiful li’l being comes into the world through you, come immerse in this breath based intention infused session of organic movement * guided contemplation/meditation & deep relaxation to support you in preparing to birth yourself as a mama. Bring a journal/notebook and (if you can) a picture of your own mama & a baby picture of you. Tea & Treats follow.

Yoga for Labor & Delivery

with Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit
Saturday, April 25th
2:00 - 4:30pm
$95 per couple
This workshop is a wonderful way to connect and practically prepare for the experience together using the tools yoga offers to a birthing women and her partner. I will answer all your questions and leave you with useful information you can use in preparation and during birth! This workshop is the perfect complement to your traditional childbirth education (Lamaze, Bradley, etc) or as preparation for birth and motherhood for couples who understand basic pregnancy and labor processes but need that important sacred space to physically, emotionally, and spiritually honor themselves and this unique experience. Yoga preparation for birth is not only for those planning a "natural" childbirth, but has useful applications for all expectant couples. As a mother and birth doula, I know firsthand how yoga-inspired postures, meditation, vocal toning and visualization can be utilized in pregnancy and labor, and it is my passion to share this wisdom and inspire your practice in pregnancy.

Yin Yoga Intensive 

with Eileen O'Sullivan
Sunday, April 26th
2:00 - 4:30pm
$40 per person
A mindful approach to yoga practice, and a perfect complement to the dynamic, more active (yang) styles of yoga. Passive, meditative postures are held from 3 to 5 minutes, targeting the connective tissue that supports the joints, primarily of the hips, sacrum, and spine. This is a quiet, introspective practice and a potent way to investigate the mind/ body link. It is sometimes referred to as restorative with an edge, and in this session you'll find out why. We'll review the basics of meridian theory and Yin yoga, and will have the time to drop in and explore the sometimes subtle, sometimes profound, benefits of this still practice. A perfect opportunity for those who may be curious about Yin, or for those who would welcome immersing themselves in a long in-depth Yin session.

New Beginner Yoga Series

Our most popular program!
$140 for one 5-week series PLUS One FULL month of unlimited yoga classes! 
(The month of yoga starts the day after the series ends so you can keep practicing!)

Upcoming Dates - REGISTER HERE!  

A great way to start your yoga practice! This 5-week series (1 class a week for 5 weeks) teaches brand new beginners yoga fundamentals and provides students with the guidance they need to develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice. In this series, students will receive individual attention while learning basic yoga postures, yogic breathing, and relaxation techniques. Individuals will also be introduced to yoga philosophy and meditation.  Different from other beginner classes, the Beginner Series is taught in a sequential manner which provides an ideal environment for learning.  Perfect for people who like to learn sequentially with the same teacher in a small group. Pre-registration is necessary. 
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