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Wellness and lifestyle offerings at Devotion Yoga are designed to provide high quality holistic services which support an individual seeking to live a more fulfilled, balanced, and healthy lifestyle. Programs and services include massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Thai Bodywork, nutrition counseling, career mentoring, and acupuncture. At Devotion we believe in a mind body spirit approach to healing, wellness and happiness.

The Wellness Program at Devotion includes the following services. Read more by clicking the links below. 

Wellness Program

“Choose Your Own Path to Wellness”

Devotion’s Lifestyle Program is an invitation to move toward greater balance, well-being and participation in life.

To provide high quality holistic services that support individuals seeking to live a more fulfilled, balanced, and healthy lifestyle. Each package is a customized journey towards enhancing an aspect or stage of one’s life. Identify an area that you or someone you care about would like to bring awareness to and let the journey take you there.

Our network of holistic professionals have come together to offer a comprehensive program to assist you on your journey to live well and inspired. Our Lifestyle Journeys are designed to achieve your goals and open yourself up to possibilities in specific areas of your life. 

With that in mind packages all have specific time frames to ensure maximum benefits. All Journeys are discounted compared to buying each individual service.

Lifestyle Journeys            wellness journey for wellness page.jpg

Journey to Relaxation     

A 3-month Journey, $375    

Designed for those who are looking to de-stress, slow down and bring relaxation into their lives.           
8 Yoga Classes  
2 Massages   
1 Restorative Yoga Private    

Journey to Balance           

A 6-month Journey, $595    

Designed for those who are seeking to find overall balance in life related to health, career, and personal fulfillment.            
8 Yoga Classes  
2 Nutrition Sessions   
2 Dharma Discovery Coaching Sessions
1 Reiki session    

1 Movement Integration and Reorganization Session (Movement Therapy)           

Journey to Healing

A 6-month Journey, $575   

Designed for those who are living with health issues or injuries and would like to experience a well-rounded holistic approach to healing.            
8 Yoga Classes   
1 Restorative Private   
1 Movement Integration and Reorganization Session (Movement Therapy)
1 Massage    

1 Acupuncture Session   
1 Nutrition Session   

Journey to Parenting           
For Mommies-to-be: A 9-Month Journey, $425

Designed for pregnant women who want to prepare for labor and motherhood in a holistic and mindful way.           
8 Prenatal Yoga Classes  
1 Prenatal Massage   
Workshop: Holistic Education for Childbirth and Motherhood
1 Prenatal Nutrition Session   
1 Prenatal Reiki session   

Journey to Parenting                   

For New Mothers:  A 5-month journey, $450   

Designed for new mothers who are looking for opportunities to nurture themselves while bonding with their baby.           
8 Postnatal Yoga Classes
Itsy Bitsy Yoga Series (6 Classes)
1 Massage   
Workshop: Journey to the Whole: Cultivating Your Self while being a Devoted Parent
1 Postnatal Nutrition Session

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