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Devotion's New Urban Sanctuary Wellness Center is HERE!

Devotion Yoga's intention is to cultivate a community that fosters holistic wellbeing through the profound effects of yoga and the healing arts.

We will be launching our Wellness Center soon with a staff that has decades of experience helping clients create and sustain positive, healthful changes in their lives. We are thrilled to offer the services of our practitioners in affordable ways.

We are looking forward to helping you live with more health, ease, and happiness!

Wellness Services

Massage: Soft tissue bodywork to change the way people live in their bodies. Whether you're seeking pain relief or stress relief, you will have a healing and rejuvenating experience each visit. Our massage therapists draw from their knowledge of over 20 techniques: deep tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, active release technique, myofascial release, and lymphatic drainage. They specialize each massage for your individual needs. Also available for pre-natal.


Reiki: When our body’s energy is disrupted through trauma, neglect, or other forms of energy depletion, like harmful relationships or environments, it disrupts our ability to use our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy in efficient ways. During a fully-clothed session, the therapist places the hands above or gently on the client's body. Using a combination of meditation techniques, chakra balancing techniques, breath work, and aromatherapy, the practitioner guides healing and removes blockages that are preventing the recipient from connecting to themselves or others. Also available for pre-natal.

Nutrition: Health coaching that allows you to truly transform. Looking at your life as a whole, our therapist can help guide you to your healthiest relationship with food and with your body. Through one-hour sessions, the therapist will coach you toward understanding how to achieve your own sustainable diet and lifestyle. There is no "one size fits all" diet – discover your own bio-individuality with the help of an expert coach that will be there for you every step of the way. Also available for pre-natal.

Pilates and Body Centering: Creating a stronger and more connected person from the inside to the out. These sessions focus on long and lean muscular lines to help you find efficient, healthful body mechanics in your daily life. By strengthening the muscles closest to the spine, you will find an incredible new sense of power within the body and mind. These practices are extremely helpful for pre- and post-natal women, those recovering from surgery, those experiencing weight-loss or -gain, and those who are physically active but lost in the search for deep abdominal connection.  Available to all; the results are truly beneficial.

Thai Yoga Therapy: Based on the traditional healing art of Thailand, with roots in Ayurvedic yoga, Buddhist meditation and Nuad Thai Therapy. Through the release of physical and emotional stress, Thai Yoga Therapy works to balance vital energy flow in muscles, joints, and organs to relax and treat general concerns and dis-ease of the body. It can also aid in injury prevention and woman's health as well as enhance vitality, flexibility and self-awareness. Our Thai Yoga Therapy practice incorporates stretching, guided yogic postures, meditative rocking, and deep abdominal breathing. This is all performed on a comfortable mat with both participants fully clothed and barefoot; no oils or lotions are used. Also available for pre-natal but on Fridays only, 9am-2pm.

Life Coaching: Support and guidance that motivates and empowers. Through lifestyle management services our coaches can help you achieve your full potential. Get clear on where in your life you are stuck or need change, take concrete steps with support along the way, and become the vision of your ideal life. Available to all.


First-Time Devotion Yoga Wellness Center Client Special:

Intro Session, 60-minute
$75 (Save $20)
1 month expiration


Membership Savings:
6 month Agreement, available to mix and match with services

Memberships 60min- $75 per session

(Save $120, 5 Free Yoga Classes and 10% off merchandise)

Memberships 90min- $109 per session
(Save $120, 5 Free Yoga Classes and 10% off merchandise)


Package of 5, 60min sessions,

($425) $85 per session... (Save $50)

Package 5, 90min sessions
($595) $119 per session... (Save $50)*

*Packages have a 1-year expiration


Regular 60min session $95
Regular 90min session $129

This pricing will be for ALL services.
You can purchase multiple memberships to fulfill your monthly complimentary goals in wellness.

30 minute add-on to any session, $35

Prices do not include taxes or gratuities 




Ceallaigh, LMT/CDT, specializes in chronic pain management, injury prevention and rehab. She also has extensive experience with post-surgical rehab, and pre-, peri-, and post-natal treatments. Her goal is to bring the highest quality of therapeutic touch to as many people as she can, as well as educate people about their bodies and how they can live a higher quality of life through massage.

Megan, LMT, has over five years of experience working full-time as a massage therapist. She specializes in deep tissue, pre-natal, relaxation, and injury treatment massage. Megan strongly believes in a holistic approach, and is passionate about helping people heal, relax, and become more in tune with their bodies through massage.

Pilates and Body Centering
Elly's goal is to help others convert tension into positive intention. Her adoptive methods are a great asset in assistance for injury prevention, spinal disc injuries, scoliosis, pre- and post-natal and post-surgery. These methods also can help with weight loss, stress management, body image, balance issues, vertigo, and vision impairment.

Alicia helps her clients love and appreciate their bodies for all that they ARE rather than focus on what they feel they are NOT. Alicia Somma is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and of Yoga Works 500-hour teacher training. She feels passionately about helping her clients rise out of their own fire like a phoenix from the ashes.
Dina specializes in working with those seeking a reduction in stress, anxiety, or depression and those looking for a deeper understanding of themselves on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. She is passionate about Reiki healing work because it is her way of connecting to others and making a difference in the world.

Thai Yoga Therapy

Jeffery has worked with yogis, dancers, runners, and athletes of all types to lengthen muscles and increase the mobility of their joints. His aim is to awaken the body: to open the gates where movement has stagnated, and invigorate it with fresh blood and oxygen. The ultimate result of this is bliss, and he guides this experience in every session.

Diane loves getting to listen to her client’s bodies, figuring out sources of injuries, physical and  emotional. She feels no greater joy than to help her clients transition into a pain-free lifestyle. Diane has an extensive background in movement and body awareness, which helps her connect easily, recognizing energy patterns, muscle tension and sensitivity within her client’s bodies.

Chelsea, originally from North Carolina, is a graduate of Juilliard School. She believes that all work of the body heals: whether it is dance, massage, yoga, or sports, and hopes that everyone gives themselves the attention they need and deserve. She currently is a working professional dancer and teacher in New York City, and hopes to bring joyful relaxation to each of her clients.

Life Coaching
Fran, a mother, wife, fitness enthusiast, and yogi, likes to call herself a “woman of a certain age,”  and wants to encourage and motivate her clients to become the very best they can be in all aspects of their lives. Most importantly, she works to build their belief in themselves and highest potential.

Liza, Founder & Studio Director of Devotion Yoga, is passionate about helping women navigate life transitions, find their calling, and manifest amazing things in life. Yoga & meditation teacher, serial entrepreneur, coach, and single mother of twin toddlers, Liza infuses her life experience and yoga philosophy into her coaching to help clients live more conscious, authentic, and happy lives.


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