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incense Devotion Yoga offers classes for every age and every level.  Whether you are new to yoga, healing from an injury, or looking to deepen your practice, the teachers and staff at Devotion are here to help you navigate the many practice options to find the perfect classes for you. 

Most adult classes at Devotion Yoga are Vinyasa style unless otherwise noted. Vinyasa literally means "to place oneself in a certain way" and is described as a practice which "flows with the breath". Picture meditation in motion; the movement from one posture to another flowing with the waves of breath. Vinyasa movement is fluid with great attention to proper breathing and alignment, while honoring the wisdom of the body to lead the way.

Each class is different, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the limits of body and mind. The benefits of Vinyasa Yoga are endless and include increased flexibility, strength, coordination, concentration, endurance, a greater sense of well-being and peacefulness.

Classes at Devotion Yoga are designed to encourage individuals to work with their limitations, level of flexibility, and strength.

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